The only thing that could possibly add to a Paris trip is a trip to Disneyland. Oh yes, and like its American counterparts, Disneyland Paris is not just for kids! Located a mere 20 miles from the center of Paris, it is an easy bus or taxi ride in from the city, and offers all manner of fun for both the children and their parents. It’s a must see if you plan on visiting Paris for a family vacation.

You could stay at the Disneyland resort for your whole vacation, and many have found it to be a very viable and interesting option. Just like all Disney properties, it is a full fledge resort offering two theme parks, and seven Disney owned hotels offering accommodations for any and all budgets. If you do decide to stay in the park, you will be in good company. As Europe’s leading attraction, Disneyland Paris boasts over 15 million visitors annually and that number continues to grow each year. In fact, Disneyland Paris is now visited more than the Eiffel Tower!

While visiting Paris, this is a fabulous distraction if you have small children. Although Paris is extremely child friendly, a good distraction from museums, art galleries and adult attractions may be called for! There are attractions for all ages and thrill levels. Just remember, get there early if you’re planning on getting in a lot of rides for the day. The queues can be extremely long, although well worth the wait. You can purchase a FastPass which will allow you to bypass all queues. The kids will love you for it, and guaranteed you will have a good time too. You do want to schedule in two days to take advantage of the entire park. There are far too many rides and attractions to get in on one day.

The Nights can certainly be the adults time at Disneyland. The resort has sitters for the kids, so head out to any of the many first rate restaurants, or check out a show. Since Paris is right down the road, you can even go out on the town extremely easily and be back in plenty of time to rest for the next day of activities. There are lots of transport options to and from Disneyland and the center of Paris, either from the city itself or both Parisian airports. Disneyland Paris makes it very easy for their guests to access and enjoy the resort.